That Was Year 26 That Was!

by John Slater

More mature readers will remember the t v series, That Was The Week That Was – an irreverent look at the previous week’s news fronted by David Frost. Members of Peel Heritage Trust, families, friends, interested parties and casual passers by are all welcome to our look at our previous year, fronted by retiring chairman, Tim Crookall, MLC. Our series has long outrun the BBC ‘s offering and is live!

A new ceiling is being installed in the Centenary Centre theatre, our home in recent years, so there are two important changes to note for this year. We have had to move the date from Wednesday, 20th January to the next evening, Thursday, 21st January and the venue is the Philip Christian Centre, entry by the door at the rear of the Town Hall. This place is nostalgic as this is where we first met more than a quarter of a century ago.

Our annual gathering is so much more than a review and consideration of the work and activities of Peel Heritage Trust. This is the ideal opportunity to question, discuss and to help set a course for the New Year. This will include our biennial Peel’s Secret Gardens, our premier event bringing many hundreds of visitors to Peel  as well as delighting participants and locals. Now’s the time to consider taking part again or finding out more as a new participant. This is primarily a sociable event and is totally non-competitive.

Many changes have taken place around Peel and more are planned. The regeneration scheme for old Peel is already under way. We’re blessed with our MHK Ray Harmer on our committee as well as representation from the Commissioners, so we’re enhanced with ample political clout. This will be a valuable opportunity to discuss your thoughts with them and to play your part in the decision making process.

A bonus, this year, will be refreshments to sustain us. None shall starve!

All are welcome but the bonus of joining the Trust or renewing your membership is that you’ll be able to vote, as well!