Programme for 2010-11

Wed 5th May 2010 Mr Geoff Corkish, M.B.E., M.H.K. “From steam to hot air” 7:30pm, Centenary Centre.

Sat June 10th 2010 “A tour of Lynague” with Mr Ian Faulds. Time to be decided.

Sat July 10th and Sun July 11th 2010 “Secret Gardens”

Wed Sept 8th 2010 A talk by Canon Brian Kelly. 7:30pm, Centenary Centre.

Tues Oct 12th 2010 An informal chat by Mr and Mrs Bernie Quayle, 7:30pm, Wesleyan Chapel.

Tues Nov 9th 2010 A talk by Mr Edmund Southworth, Director of M.N.H. 7:30pm, Centenary Centre.

Tues Dec 14th 2010 Christmas party, Corrin Hall 7:30pm.

Tues Jan 11th 2011 Andrew Johnson, M.N.H. “Finds at the Airport” 7:30pm Centenary Centre

Tues Feb 8th 2011 A.G.M. followed by a talk by Mrs Jennifer Leece 7:30pm, Centenary Centre

Tues March 8th 2011 “A Magical slide show” by Mr Scottie Keith 7:30pm, Centenary Centre

Tues April 12th 2011 Mr Michael Hoy M.B.E. “A talk about King William’s College” 7:30pm, Centenary Centre.