Our Manx Connections with Lindsay and Bernie Quayle

Our October meeting was billed as ‘Our Manx Connections – Some Thoughts and Pictures with Bernie and Lindsay Quayle.’ This was a mixture of talk and pictures and was very much enjoyed by a goodly crowd, as always.

Lindsay opened the talk with a brief history of her family and its Manx connections through the Crellins of
Orrisdale and Robert Quayle of West Hill, Castletown. Many family connections in Peel have recently been unearthed. Perhaps we will learn more about these at a later date.

Bernie then spoke about his family and referred to his paternal grandfather, E.C.Quayle, the artist. He showed a few family photographs and pictures of some of E.C.Quayle’s paintings. He then referred to his father’s great love of photography, giving some examples. The visual arts, as is so often the case, appear to run from one generation to another.

The next topic was Bernie’s work with Manx Radio in the mid-sixties and how that came about. He then went on to describe his life as a DJ in the United States for eleven years and a brief account of his other jobs prior to his return to the Island in 1989. This marked a start to his presentation of the ‘Late Show,’ a post he still holds and enjoys, as do his fans.

Bernie showed a fascinating film, contrasting Manx Radio in its early days to its present, high – tech form. This helped to remind us all of the incredible changes in communication that have occurred over those few years. What will happen over the next period – brain implants!

The break was happily covered by the Friends of the Centenary Centre – a cuppa’ and a chat is so welcome!

Bernie then finished off his talk, giving Lindsay an opportunity of sharing her sponsored trip in November, 2009 along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru. This raised funds for the Isle of Man Children’s Centre. What a wonderful way to support such a worthwhile cause. How superbly energetic!

There was a brief time for questions and thanks before heading home. Another great evening!

Our next event is 7.30pm on Tuesday, 9
th November in the Centenary Centre. This will be a talk by the ‘nearly new!’ Director of Manx National Heritage, Mr Edmund Southworth. As always, everyone is welcome, members or not, so get this date into your diary!