20th Birthday Celebrations

Twenty wonderful years with membership and attendance at meetings still growing! Our range of activities increases, especially with publishing. We’ve managed to continue the Peel City Guardian, with twenty editions sold out, as well as publishing walks and papers on local topics. Indeed, a book on the sailing ship, “Phoebe,” is getting close to publication. Much of this can be viewed online, peelheritagetrust.net Do have a look and follow the various links.

If you’ve got a landmark birthday to celebrate, do it in style! We did – in the Centenary Centre on the 19th November. Members and invited guests, including the President of Tynwald, our very own MHK and colleagues, illustrious guests from Manx National Heritage and the Manx Heritage Foundation, present and former Town Commissioners chairmen and other local politicians, enhanced by the indomitable Eddie Leece, Freeman of the City of Peel, with John Kennaugh, Captain of the Parish. Very special guests were the Mylchreest family, under the command of the colonel. They were soon to show why they were an integral part of the celebration.

We gathered in the theatre, looking down on a film screen, fronted with a display of our publications and various items to whet the appetite for a large, beautifully set out display in the Atholl Room. Equally appetising was a row of beautifully decorated birthday cakes and raffle prizes. All the tickets were free, including the raffle – well, who would want to charge party guests!

Mike Berry, chairman, welcomed us and introduced the guests. He pointed out Malcolm Kelly, the former Chairman of Peel Commissioners who suggested the founding of the Trust all those years ago. What an inspiration! Mike gave a brief resume of the work of the Trust and the contributions made to the City, its history and on-going well-being.

We were then passed over to Bill Quine who, with Vic Bates and Gordon Keith had put together a remarkable presentation. An incredibly skilful blending of the recordings of elderly people’s memories accompanied by photographs of the period passed seamlessly on the screen. The ongoing work of recording memories continues, with the support of the Manx Heritage Foundation who generously supplied the recording equipment. All the discs can be listened to in the Ward Library in Castle Street.

Colonel Brian Mylchreest is the direct descendant of the ‘Diamond King’, Joe Mylchreest who made his fortune in the S. African diamond mines, eventually selling out to Cecil Rhodes for de Beers. Joe’s Peel built ship was named the Phoebe, after his wife, and this name continues in the latest generation. Mrs Mylchreest kindly wore the famous diamond ring so that we could all admire it. Joe returned to his beloved Peel making many endowments.

Additional thanks to Kathleen Buckley, cake-maker, Ian Davison for generous chocolate donations, John Kennaugh for reading T.E.Brown’s, ‘The Schooner’ and Noel Cringle for reciting all eight verses of the Manx National anthem from memory!

Next event – Christmas Party, 19th December, 7.30pm Corrin Hall.